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In 2009, It perfectly solved the common problems in digital audio industry, such as low volume, weak low frequency and serious sound breaking, and became the only enterprise and brand in the whole industry with sound quality technology as the core advantage. Industry benchmark, and has been widely recognized by consumers and dealers, also become the peer to imitate the object.
$109.00 $174
【ABRAMTEK】HiFi Portable Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Speaker 2 Hours-Charge 1-Month Standby with FM Radio
$169.00 $264
【ABRAMTEK】360°Omnidirectional Sound HiFi Bluetooth Speaker Portable Wireless Speaker DSP Chip
$239.00 $368
【ABRAMTEK】Portable Party Speaker Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Speaker with RGB Light
$159.00 $248
【ABRAMTEK】IPX7 Waterproof Party Speaker Portable Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Speaker
$189.00 $294
【ABRAMTEK】Dual 2.5 Inch Drivers Party Speaker Portable Wireless Speaker Bluetooth Speaker
$69.00 $114
【ABRAMTEK】IPX7 Waterproof Noise Cancelling Earbuds Wireless Headphones 16 Hours Playtime